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To All Intents and Purposes: Towards Flexible Intent Expression


Bezahaf, M., Davies, E., Rotsos, C., & Race, N. (2021). To All Intents and Purposes: Towards Flexible Intent Expression. 2021 IEEE 7th International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft), 2021, pp. 31-37





Lancaster University


Intent-based networking provides an efficient mechanism to manage complexity in network management. The paradigm allows users to express their network requirements, and an autonomic framework translates them into a network configuration. Existing efforts focus primarily on modeling connectivity intents for end-users. Nonetheless, in order to deliver autonomic behavior in network management, an intent system must support a wider range of network management processes and model human-to-human interactions, essential for network operation. Furthermore, such interactions may involve nontechnical users and require the design of novel interfaces, supporting free-text and conversational intent expression. Towards this goal, we present an intent architecture that supports novel network management intents, such as network path rerouting and applying periods of �service protection�. The paper includes details of our prototype implementation that is capable of deploying such intents in under five seconds in a large mininet topology.

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